Termite Prevention

Depending on your needs we have 3 different solutions available.

First is Exterra. In the past termites were exterminated using chemicals. But not anymore! This has been replaced with a system of termite baiting with Exterra. 

Exterra's greatest advantage compared with chemical barriers is its ability to eliminate the actual source of your termite problem - the termite colony itself!

Exterra is a proactive, "go get 'em before they get your home", form of termite management.

The keys to how Exterra works are:

  • Intercepting termites - near their food source underground - Exterra places specially designed stations in the ground around your home or building.

  • Avoiding Termite Disturbance - the key is determining where the termites are feeding. Once they have been discovered feeding from these stations, then the bait must be added. Exterra's design means that the station is not disturbed when the bait is added due to the open cavity design (see below).

  • Choosing the right Toxicant - Exterra uses a toxicant "Requiem" that not only kills the termites but that also eradicates the colony. Requiem kills slowly but stops damage quickly.

  •  Reduced Environmental Impact - An added bonus of the Exterra system is that there is a significant reduction in the amount of toxicant necessary to manage termites, which is great for the surrounding environment.