Unfortunately if you see one cockroach in your kitchen cupboard, there are likely to be dozens more hidden elsewhere in your kitchen and home. Cockroaches like warm moist areas and are usually seen at night. This means that they can conceal their presence for some time, but when found, they can be seen in quite large numbers. Popular harbourage areas include under the microwave, fridge, oven or dishwasher. Inside garbage bins is also a preferred hiding spot. Removing food is essential to reduce their activity as is sealing up open cracks and crevices that enable their initial entry. Cockroaches are very unhygienic, they spread disease and contaminate food with their droppings.  Cockroach activity found to present in a commercial enterprise such as a hotel or restaurant is a serious breach of health regulations and must be treated immediately.

The good news is that cockroach activity can be very effectively eradicated.

The treatment method chosen to eradicate cockroach activity is likely to be multi faceted and is dependent upon the severity of activity, species type and their location within the home or business.

For professional treatment, contact Bonney Pest Control where all our services are guaranteed!

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