Bees & Wasps

Did you know that Bryan from Bonney Pest Control is a registered bee keeper?

This means that in some instances Bonney Pest Control will be able to successfully remove and re home your problem bees without having to eradicate them! Bryan Anderson from Bonney Pest Control keeps his own bees and definitely knows what he is doing in the bee department. Unfortunately, however not all bees can be re homed.

When bees are not easily accessible ie – are based in a wall cavity, chimney or have not formed a definite clump, eradication of the problem bees may be necessary. In some instances a combination of methods may be used.

These problem bees and more the dangerous European Wasps are eradicated by a trained pest technician wearing full protective clothing. The homeowner and their pets are well advised to stay indoors while the treatment is undertaken (and before the technician arrives) and should close all windows and doors.

A special dust is applied and re applied for a period to time, to the swarm of bees or wasp nest.  While the initial treatment is a relatively simple one, the bees and wasps will likely be more angry after the treatment for up to 2 hours than before it, so homeowner caution is essential. After the initial ‘angry’ period, the treatment will be extremely effective with all activity ceasing.

So for problem bees and menacing wasps, the choice is easy.

Call Bonney Pest Control on 8552 3812 for advice and swift service.

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