Spiders & Other Pests

Our skills and services are not limited to termites. We can also provide solutions to protect your home against mice, rats, bees, wasps, spiders, possums and more.

Bonney Pest Control has hundreds of clients that seek regular spider treatments to their homes or businesses.

The Fleurieu and Southern Suburbs are home to many spiders including dangerous spiders such as the White Tailed and Red Back Spiders and common household spiders such as the Hunstman and Wolf Spiders.

Effective eradication of spiders and other pests such as earwigs, silverfish, centipedes and flies will involve Bonney Pest Control staff inspecting the property for current activity and determining the best treatment option.

Treatment will usually involve the application of a pesticide dust to the roof void as well as applying a very safe synthetic pyrethroid spray in and around cavities of external windows and doors, the external perimeter walls, eaves, verandah.  Please leave the spider webs for a couple of weeks after treatment before removing to allow the treatment to work fully. Clotheslines, which should be clothes free, are treated along with the letterbox and fence line, pot plants, small gardens sheds and other likely spider harbourages. Chook sheds, pool rooms, larger sheds and other client requested features can be treated ............. please just let us know! Internal skirtings and cornices are also treated.

Clients may also choose to not have the internal features sprayed or the roof void dusted with the chosen treatment being discussed and confirmed on the day.

In most cases the home or business owner does not need to vacate the property during or after the treatment, and treatments typically remain effective for many months. Your reptile pets and fish will however need to be protected.

Call Bonney Pest Control today to experience a spider free home or business.

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