Bonney Pest Control is trusted by more local builders to provide termite prevention treatments to development projects, new homes, renovation projects and paving landscaping improvements.

There is no scenario too big, too small or too complicated for our experienced team. Bonney Pest Control chooses to use the HomeGuard and TermSeal suite of termite prevention products and will be able to determine the best product/s to use on every job.

From small bathroom renovations to school halls and supermarkets, Bonney Pest Control can truly manage them all and in most instances a Manufacturer’s warranty can be offered which is second to none!

For termite prevention advice for your building or landscaping project call Bryan on 0411 692 812 or for a no obligation free quotation, email your plans to enquiry@bonneypestcontrol.com.au or contact us.

We look forward to being of assistance.