Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Having a professional timber pest inspection undertaken of your proposed new property  really is peace of mind and could quite literally save you thousands of dollars. The inspection is undertaken during the  your ‘cooling off’ period so be sure to sign your sale contract subject to a termite inspection.

We are experienced with liasing  with real estate agents, vendors and tenants  to ensure prompt access to your proposed new property to enable this important inspection to take place.

A Timber Pest Inspection differs covers fungal decay and borers along with termites. All accessible areas are inspected, such as roof voids, subfloors, the internal living areas and all external areas of the property including out-buildings garages, fences, trees, stumps, landscaping timber and retaining walls. A report is compiled highlighting any timber pest activity or damage found. It will also make reference to conditions that make the home more favourable to timber pests. Eg. poor drainage, plumbing leaks, untreated garden timbers etc

It may also include any treatment recommendations and signs of previous treatments.

Immediately after the inspection has taken place, Bonney Pest Control will call the potential purchaser, outlining the results of the inspection. A written report will then be emailed within 48 hours so that a final purchasing decision can be made. Finding termites does not always mean the end of a sale and there have been many situations where the potential purchaser has been able to negotiate remedial action with the vendor, enabling the sale to continue. The old saying ‘don’t buy termites’ is still valid, but we prefer to say, “know what you are buying”

It is also important to know that most building inspectors are not qualified or experienced in timber pest inspections. This means that if you are having a building inspection insist on a separate inspection for timber pests in accordance with the Australian Standards.

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